Suppliers usually offer several shipping methods to ship their products to customers. Shipping cost and delivery time depend on which method you choose and which country you want to ship products to.  You can check them directly on each product page. 

When you purchase items from the suppliers, on the checkout page, you will be able to choose the shipping option from the available ones. 

Most Popular Shipping Options

China Post-Standard / Air-Mail

Delivery time - around 20-50 days (depends on the country)
Shipping cost - free or cheap
Countries - worldwide

*It can be trackable and not trackable.


Delivery time - around 15-30 days (depends on the country)
Shipping cost - free or cheap
Countries - only specific ones. You can find a list here.

*One of the best options for dropshipping business in terms of cost and delivery time.

UPS / DHL / FedEx

Delivery time - around 5-15 days (depends on the country and method)
Shipping cost - expensive (depends on the warehouse location and product weight)
Countries - the majority of countries.

*Shipping is sometimes free for expensive products.

DHL Global Mail

Delivery time - around 5-15 days
Shipping cost - expensive
Countries - a big number of countries.

*No third-parties involved in the delivery process, pure DHL. The recipient’s signature is required upon the delivery.


Delivery time - around 2-15 days
Shipping cost - free or cheap
Countries - the USA

*Items can only be shipped from the USA to USA.


Delivery time - 12-24 days
Shipping cost - around $2.00
Countries - a large number of countries

*Is used to ship liquid products. When you track packages on, you need to choose the SUNYOU carrier.

Impact on Business

Long delivery times might seem like they could negatively impact the business. However, as long as you educate your customers about the expected delivery times, and provide tracking on their orders, the longer delivery process is unlikely to pose significant problems.

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