On this page, you can set settings related to Oberlo Verified suppliers, Oberlo suppliers and AliExpress.com suppliers. 

Oberlo Verified Supplier And Oberlo Supplier Related Settings

You can assign your credit/debit card in advance for purchasing items from the suppliers. 

Simply click on "Add Payment Card" and add your card details. Only Visa, Mastercard or Maestro cards can be used. Prepaid cards are not supported.

If your card is assigned successfully, you will see the card type icon and last four digits of it. You will be able to change or remove it anytime. 

If you cannot assign your payment card, make sure that:

  1. Your card is Visa, Mastercard or Maestro.
  2. Your card is not a Prepaid card.
  3. You wrote your card information correctly.
  4. Your card is not restricted for international payments. We would recommend contacting your bank to double check this.

If you still get the error notification, please contact our Support team.

Note: If you want to assign the card for AliExpress purchases, you will have to do this directly on the AliExpress.com website.

AliExpress Related Settings

On the AliExpress section, you can manage the Oberlo Chrome Extension behavior when placing orders on the Aliexpress.com website.

Default shipping method – Oberlo Chrome Extension will always select the chosen shipping method when you place orders on AliExpress.com. However, if the selected method is not available, Oberlo will then choose the cheapest option.

Override phone number – Oberlo Chrome Extension will always add the written phone number when you place orders on Aliexpress.com. It is useful if you do not ask your customers to provide phone number when they place orders in your Shopify store.

Custom note – Oberlo Chrome Extension will always add the custom note when you place orders on AliExpress.com. Use this note to inform suppliers that you are dropshipping and do not want them to include any invoices or promotional material in the shipments.

Note: Oberlo Verified suppliers and Oberlo suppliers are aware that Oberlo users are dropshipping. Therefore, they do not add any promotional material or invoices to the packages they ship to your customers. You do not need to inform the suppliers to ensure that they don’t do this.

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