To access the Billing settings, click on the gear icon from the sidebar menu. From the Settings page, go to the Billing section. You can download monthly receipts or payments of Oberlo Marketplace orders from this section.

Oberlo Receipts

The Oberlo Receipts feature lets you download monthly receipts for the Oberlo Marketplace product orders. You can only get a receipt if the month has already finished.
To get receipts, select a month you want to get them for and click "Download". 

You will get a PDF format receipts of your payments in a few minutes. The receipt will include a unique number, issue day, supplier names, the amount of money paid to the supplier and refunds received.

Note: Oberlo receipts are not VAT invoices; you can find more information in Oberlo TOS.

Oberlo Payments

The Oberlo Payments feature lets you download a list of payments and refunds for the Oberlo Marketplace product orders. To do this, select a month you would like to get a list of and click "Download XLS". 

You can see information such as order dates, ordered product information, product and shipping costs, supplier name, and the status of the order itself.

Note: Oberlo Receipts and Oberlo Payments do not include information for the AliExpress product orders. 

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