There are two ways you can delete Oberlo products: in the Shopify admin and in the Oberlo app.

Deleting Products in the Shopify Admin

1. Go to the Products page.
2. Select products you want to delete.
3. Click "Bulk Actions" and then "Delete selected products".

Note: You can delete the product from its page too by clicking on the red "Delete Product" button at the bottom of the page.

Deleting Products in the Oberlo App

1.  Go to My Products page.
2. Click "Action" and then "Delete this Product".

3. If you want to delete this product from Oberlo app and Shopify platform, mark the checkbox "Delete this product from my Shopify store too".

If you want only to "Stop Tracking" a specific product, do not mark the checkbox from the pop-up window.

"Stop Tracking" means that the product is unsynced with Oberlo app and orders wouldn't show up in Oberlo app anymore.

It can take from seconds to several minutes until all your selected products are deleted.

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