Contacting the Oberlo Verified Supplier or Oberlo Supplier

If you want to contact a supplier in regards to a particular order please use our Order Help Center and Dispute Creator  and raise a ticket where you will be able to select an appropriate topic.

As for any product related question you can contact them directly through Oberlo by following these steps below:

1. Go to the Suppliers page.
2. Find the needed supplier and click "Preview Products".
3. From the newly opened page, click on the envelope icon to create a message. 

4. From there you will need to select a reason from the dropdown box, then write in the subject of the inquiry and lastly describe your question in the "Message" section. Do not forget to write the product URL you are referring to.

5. Click on ''Send Message''. You will be able to find your sent messages on the "All Messages'' page, ''Messages'' section. Use “Show Filters” or “Sort by” options to filter out messages that you need easier. 

You can contact a supplier from the ''Product details'' page as well. 

Contacting the AliExpress Supplier

1. Go to the website.
2. Go to the needed supplier store.
3. Click on the "Contact Now" button from the sidebar menu to create a message.

Note: You can contact a supplier from the "My Orders" page too. Click on the "Contact Seller", which you will find next to the order information.

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