Oberlo Order Help Center lets you to see more details about your paid orders, and allows to take further actions if needed. You will be able to cancel orders or raise disputes with suppliers from this page as well.

The order Help Center only works for Oberlo Verified supplier and Oberlo supplier product orders. If you dropship products from the AliExpress suppliers, you will need to raise disputes on the AliExpress website.

How to View Order Details

To view more information about your order, follow these steps: 

1.  Go to the Orders page in the Oberlo app and find the needed order.
2. Click “...” and “Order Details”.

3. From the newly opened page, you will see more details about your order depending on its status (Order Placed, In Processing or Shipped).

How to Cancel an Order or Change Order Details

You can cancel the order if the supplier hasn’t started processing it. If you need to change the product variant, shipping information or shipping method, you will need to cancel the order and create a new draft order with the new details. To cancel the order, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Orders page in the Oberlo app and find the needed order.
2. Click “...” and “Order Details”.
3. From the “Help Section”, expand the needed section and click “Cancel Order”.

4. The status of the order will change to “Cancelled” and you get a refund to your payment card shortly.

How to Create Order Disputes

If you have any issues with your order, you can raise a dispute with the supplier. Disputes can only be raised for the orders that are shipped by the supplier. To create a dispute, follow the steps below:

1.  Go to the Orders page in the Oberlo app and find the needed order.
2. Click “...” and “Order Details”.
3. From the “Help Section”, expand the needed category and choose a reason for the dispute.
4. Click “Create Dispute”.

5. From the dispute creation page, describe the problem in more details and attach pictures if they are required. If you want to ask for a refund, select a reason in the top right-corner and mark the “I would like to ask for a refund” checkmark.
6. Click “Create Dispute” to complete the request.

How to View And Manage the Created Disputes

Once the dispute is created, the supplier will review it and provide the answer or solution for you. You can view and manage your created disputes from the “Support Tickets” page. Follow the steps below:

1. Go to the “Support Tickets” page.

2. Go the desired section to see disputes that require your action, that require supplier's action or closed dispute tickets.

Action required section: Here you will find tickets, which require your attention or action, such as to send a message to the supplier, request a refund, or close the ticket. For example, if the shipment went missing and hasn't been delivered to the customer within the estimated delivery time, the supplier will suggest reshipping the product(s) to your customer or issuing a refund for you. 

If you have several tickets waiting in this section, you will get the summary email daily reminding you to take some action.

Awaiting response section: Here you will find tickets, that are waiting for the suppliers' or the Oberlo Admin action, such as providing more details about the order, or giving the solution to you. After the supplier replies to the problem or issues a refund, you will receive a letter to your email box.  

If you and the supplier do not reach the agreement regarding the opened support ticket within 10 days, Oberlo Admin will step in and help to clarify the situation.

If the supplier rejects your refund request, the Oberlo team will also look into these cases to make the final decision.

Closed section: This is for tickets, which have been marked as resolved.

3. Write a message to the supplier until they help to solve your problem.

4. Once the situation is clarified, click “Close Ticket” to close the dispute.
5. If needed, cancel your customer's order in Shopify admin and issue the refund to them.

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