Orders containing AliExpress items need to be fulfilled once the suppliers ship them. Fulfilling an order means that the tracking code is imported from the AliExpress.com website to Oberlo and Shopify platforms and the status of the order is changed from "In Processing" to "Shipped" in Oberlo and from "Unfulfilled" to "Fulfilled" in Shopify. Therefore, once you fulfill the order with Oberlo, it is automatically fulfilled in the Shopify platform too.

Note. Make sure you have Oberlo Chrome Extension installed to your Chrome browser, so you could fulfill your orders.

There are several different ways of fulfilling orders with Oberlo.

1. Fulfilling orders using the "Get Tracking Code" button

Go to Oberlo > Orders page and simply click "Get Tracking Code" button next to every placed order. We carefully examine your AliExpress order's page and send the tracking information to Oberlo if it is already available. 

2. Fulfilling orders using the "Send Details", "Sync This Page" or "Sync All Orders" buttons

Go to your AliExpress account > My orders page and use Oberlo buttons to fulfill your orders. Click "Send Details" button if you want to fulfill your orders one by one. Otherwise, you can use "Sync This Page" or "Sync All Orders" buttons so fulfill your orders in bulk. 

By doing this, Oberlo will send all information about your orders to Oberlo application (Ali order ID and tracking information if it is available).

3. Fulfilling orders manually

After your AliExpress order is shipped and you have its tracking information, go to AliExpress "My orders" page and copy the tracking number. You can find it by moving a mouse on the "Track Order" button.

Then, go to Oberlo > Orders page and click the “Mark as Shipped” button next to the corresponding order.

From the pop-up window, paste tracking code and click "Mark As Shipped" button. 

Note. Orders from Oberlo Supply are fully automated - once they are placed, their statuses are changed automatically, therefore, you don't need to fulfill them.

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