Oberlo Verified suppliers are the top-performing suppliers on Oberlo marketplace, that have been providing the highest quality service for our merchants over a sustained time period. With Oberlo Verified, you will never need to worry about finding exceptional suppliers.


Here are the main attributes to describe the Oberlo Verified suppliers:

1. Consistently ship 95% of their orders on-time
2. Processed 1,000+ orders through Oberlo successfully
3. Offer automated one-click order shipping for their products
4. Prompt English support due to the direct relationship with our team
5. Warehouses checked by Oberlo
6. Dedicated staff to make sure your orders are delivered on-time
7. Dispute rates lower than 2%
8. 100% dedicated to dropshipping – you will never need to worry about any promotional content in their packaging

The Supplier List

We have 9 Oberlo Verified suppliers on the marketplace at the moment, but the number will increase in the future. Check out their product assortment by clicking on each supplier’s name:

Supplier name: lowmoq
Warehouse: USA & China

Supplier name: Apex Trading
Warehouses: USA & China

Supplier name: Bessky Technology
Warehouse: USA & China

Supplier name: Irobotbox
Warehouse: USA & China

Supplier name: LemonTree
Warehouse: USA, China, UK & Germany

Supplier name: CuJia Trade
Warehouse: USA & China

Supplier name: Comzendle
Warehouse: USA & China

Supplier name: VICVER Official Store
Warehouse: China

Supplier name: OUGEYA
Warehouse: China

Supplier name: American Dropship
Warehouse: Canada

You can find the differences between Oberlo Verified suppliers, Oberlo suppliers and AliExpress suppliers here.

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