After the supplier fulfills your order, you can track your order's progress to make sure that your order is scheduled to arrive in the timeframe you advertise. To track your order, you need to find your order's tracking number, then use 3rd party websites to track your order's progress or track it directly in Oberlo using the shipment tracking feature.

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Find your order's tracking number

Tracking number's availability depends on the shipping method you select when placing your order on AliExpress. Most of the shipping methods provide a tracking number. You can find your order's tracking number next to your order on the Orders page of your Oberlo admin.

If your order's tracking number isn't available next to your order, then click SYNC WITH ALIEXPRESS to sync your order's information from AliExpress.

Track your orders using 3rd party websites

You can track your orders on any 3rd party websites. You need to copy your order's tracking number from the Orders page in your Oberlo admin and then paste the tracking number to the tracking website you want to use.

Check the following common 3rd party shipment tracking websites:

Track your orders in Oberlo

You can track your orders directly in Oberlo with the shipment tracking feature. You can do the following actions with this feature:

  • Access an overview of all of your order tracking information on the Tracking page.

  • Manage any tracking errors such as broken or expired tracking numbers.

  • Update order's tracking details.

  • Filter orders by order status, tracking status, fulfillment status, financial status, custom flags, and date.

The shipment tracking feature is available on the Boss plan. To upgrade your Oberlo plan, go to the Your plan page in Oberlo.

Note: You can see the tracking statuses only for the orders that yoiu've fulfilled after you upgraded to the Boss plan.

Update your order's tracking details

Oberlo updates the tracking information every few days, but you can request an update to the status at any time or manually adjust it if you know the new status.


  1. From your Oberlo admin, click Tracking.

  2. Click the tracking number next to the order you want to request a tracking status update for.

  3. Click RETRACK.

  4. If the retrack feature doesn't update your order with the latest tracking information, then you can manually change the tracking status. Click Set tracking status manually and select a tracking status from the drop-down menu.

  5. Click CLOSE.

Filter orders by the tracking status

You can view and manage the tracking status of all your orders on the Tracking page in your Oberlo admin. By default, the Tracking page shows orders that you placed within the last 30 days.

You can filter orders by the following tracking statuses: Unrecognized, Expired, Alert, Undelivered, and Returned. This way you keep an eye on your orders that might need your attention.


  1. From your Oberlo admin, click Tracking.

  2. Click Filters.

  3. In the Tracking status section, check Unrecognized, Expired, Alert, Undelivered, and Returned statuses.

  4. Click DONE.

Check the table below to get familiar with all the tracking statuses and their meaning:




The order recently left the warehouse. It might take 5-7 days for the tracking code to be activated.


The tracking code that the supplier gave you isn't valid. Contact your supplier for the correct tracking code.

In transit

The order has left the country of origin or has just arrived to its destination country and is pending customs inspection.

Pick up

The package has arrived at a local postal facility or is out for delivery.


The tracking number has expired, either because the package took too long to be delivered, or the package was lost by the carrier. Contact your supplier for details.


One of the following has occurred:

  • Item was refused by the addressee.

  • The destination address is incorrect/ineligible/incomplete.

  • The retention period for the package has expired.

  • The addressee was absent.

  • The package was retained by customs: it contains prohibited goods, importation of the goods is restricted, or any other unspecified reasons.

  • The package was damaged or lost during transportation.


There was an attempted delivery that failed:

  • The addressee was not available at the time of delivery.

  • The delivery was delayed or rescheduled.

  • The addressee requested later delivery.

  • The courier was unable to locate the address.

  • The address was in a rural or remote area.


The returned package was accepted by the supplier.


The package was delivered to your customer.

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