Shipping times are one of the deciding factors for your customers to make a purchase on your store. Therefore, you may want to know the main elements that determine delivery times, so you can clearly establish them on your store. 

The Shipping Method

Suppliers usually offer several shipping options to send their products to your customers. Each shipping option varies providing different delivery time frames and shipping costs, therefore, to provide accurate shipping estimates, you need to check the available shipping methods for each product.  

You can find what shipping methods suppliers offer with the estimated delivery time on each product page. Click on the arrow to open the shipping method modal, select the country you plan to sell products to and you will see the available options.

You will be able to manually select the shipping option when you place your order. However, you can set your preferred shipping methods for your products in Oberlo settings, so they will be selected by default, if it is offered by the supplier. For more information about personalized and default shipping method setting here

 You can find the most popular shipping methods in the table below:

Product Warehouse Location and Final Destination Country 

Suppliers can have warehouses in different locations, therefore, the shipping times may vary. Knowing where the product is stocked in, can help you to offer your customers faster delivery times. Let's say if you target the USA, use USA warehouse filter to source the products that are shipped from the USA and here.

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