Understand How Shipping Works When Dropshipping

When you sell products with Oberlo, all the products are shipped by the suppliers. When you purchase a product from the supplier, you have to pay for the shipping. The shipping cost depends on the shipping method and the country you ship products to. You can find the potential shipping cost on each product page.

You can use two main shipping strategies in your Shopify store:

1. Ask customers to pay for the product and for the defined shipping cost.
2. Add the shipping cost (you need to pay the supplier) to your product price and make the shipping “free” for your customers.

Oberlo does not import products with the shipping options (shipping cost and delivery time) included to Shopify, therefore, you need to set your shipping preferences in your Shopify admin. 

Which Shopify Shipping Settings to Use

In your Shopify admin > Settings > Shipping, you only need to pay attention to the "Shipping profiles" section. Settings that are below the shipping profiles are used when you sell and ship products on your own or use other services. 

Shipping profiles allow you to customize your shipping settings to suit your business needs, whether you are dropshipping with Oberlo, fulfilling orders from multiple locations or shipping products from your home. This means that you can have different shipping rates for certain products and locations.

Shopify allows to create up to 100 shipping profiles, and the “General profile” is created on each Shopify store by default. 

Your business needs can help you to define how many shipping profiles you need to have: 

1. If you want to have the same shipping rules for all of your products, then you only need a general profile. 

2. If you aim to have different shipping rules for different products or locations, then you need to create multiple shipping profiles.

General Profile

If you have decided to apply the same shipping rules to all of your products, use the general shipping profile and follow the steps below to create your shipping zones:

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping.
2. In the Shipping profiles section, click Manage rates.
3. From the newly opened page, in the Products section, you can find all your Shopify store products assigned to this general profile. Products that are assigned to other shipping profiles are excluded from this general profile. 

4. In the Shipping from section, include the right locations. For example, if you stock all your Oberlo product inventory in the “Oberlo” location, then make sure this location is selected. Otherwise, if you do not select the right locations, your customers will not see shipping options at checkout and will not be able to purchase from your store.

5. In the Shipping to section, you need to set two main attributes:

Shipping zones - which countries you want to sell products to. You can create multiple shipping zones if you want to apply different rates for certain shipping zones. For example, you may want to charge 3.00 USD to USA, however, 5.00 USD to France.
Shipping rates - how much you want to charge your customers.

Note: Make sure to delete any calculated shipping rates that might be present in the shipping profile by default. When dropshipping the Aliexpress suppliers are handling the products instead of you, therefore the Shopify calculated shipping rates are not applicable.

6. Click Create shipping zone to create a new shipping zone.
7. In the Zone name field, give a name to the new shipping zone.
8. In the Countries field, add countries to this shipping zone. To add all countries at once, enable "Rest of the world".
9. Click Done and then Save to confirm.


Once you have your shipping zones created, then you need to create rates. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Next to your created zone, click Add rate. Then, in the next setting, make sure that the Set up your own rates option is selected.
2. In the Rate name setting, create a name for the rate. Your customers will see on the checkout. You may also write the estimated delivery time here.
3. In the Cost setting, add the shipping cost you want to charge your customers. To make the shipping free, type in 0.00.
4. Click Add conditions to customize your rules. You can choose whether you want to use weight or price-based rates and if you want to set ranges.

Based on item weight - create a shipping rate where the shipping cost depends on the product weight.
Based on order price - create a shipping rate where the shipping cost depends on the total value of the order.

5. Click Done, and then to confirm click Save in the top-right corner.

Create Multiple Shipping Profiles

If you use one Shopify store for dropshipping with Oberlo and selling products on your own, you may want to offer different shipping options for different products. 

For example, you may want to charge 2.00 USD shipping cost for Oberlo products, however, you want to charge 5.00 USD shipping for the products you ship on your own. In this case, if your customer purchases two products from different locations (Oberlo and your other location), then they receive a combined shipping cost (7.00 USD) on the checkout.

To achieve this, you need to have a general profile and then create one or multiple shipping profiles. To create a new shipping profile, follow the steps below:

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping.
2. In the Shipping profiles section, click Create new profile.
3. From the newly opened page, add a name for the shipping profile.
4. In the Products section, select the products you want to add to this shipping profile.
5. In the Shipping from section, select locations you want to apply this profile for.
6. In the Shipping to section, create zones and rates as explained previously.
7. Finally, to confirm click Save

Once you complete setting your shipping settings, to ensure you did it correctly, you can visit your Shopify store as a customer, add a product to the shopping cart, move to the checkout to see if the shipping options look correctly.

Delete Shipping Profiles

If you want to remove a shipping profile, follow the steps below: 

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping.
2. Next to the shipping profiles you want to delete, click Manage rates.
3. Scroll down through the page and click Delete profile.
4. From the dialog, click Delete profile to confirm.

After you delete a shipping profile, products that were assigned to it are automatically added to your general shipping profile. 

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