Prices for the products can be set manually for each product or in bulk in Oberlo or Shopify admin.

Setting Prices in Oberlo

 1. Go to the Import List.
2. Go to the "Variants" tab.
3. Change the product price in the "Price" and/or in the "Compare At Price" fields.
4. Changes are saved automatically, therefore, once you are done, click "Import to store".

Setting Prices in the Shopify Admin

For individual products:

1. Go to the Products page in Shopify.
2. Click on any product title to open the customization page.
3. From the Variants section, click Edit variants and Edit prices.
4. Type in new product price and click Done.

For products in bulk:

1. Go to the Products page in Shopify.
2. Select products you want to change the price for.
3. Click "Edit products".

4. From the newly opened page, change product prices.

5. Click "Save" to apply the new changes.

Note: Since "Price Auto Updates" do not work for products that prices are set manually, make sure that price auto updates are turned off. If the price auto updates are turned on, then you will need to disable the "Automatically update price when cost changes" option next to each product.

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