If your product has more than one variant, then you can split the product variants into separate Shopify products. You might want to split your product variants into separate products in the following scenarios:

  • Product variants have different designs such as T-shirts.

  • A product is a set of different products such as a ring, bracelet, and necklace.

  • If a product has more than 100 variants. You can import a product that has a maximum of 100 variants to your Shopify admin.


  1. Add a product to the Import List.

  2. Click MORE ACTIONS, and then click Split Product.

  3. Choose how you want to split your product:

    1. If you want to split your product by a variant option such as color or size, then select it from the list and click SPLIT TO X PRODUCTS.

    2. If you want to split your product by specific variants, then click Split manually, select product variants, and click SPLIT PRODUCT.

After you split a product, then you create a separate product for each variant option. For example, if you split a product by the size option that has S, M, and L variants, then you create three different products for each variant.

After you split a product, your product variants are not removed, they're disabled. You can enable other product variants at any time.

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