Understanding the Override feature

Oberlo has an "Override" feature, which is used in several cases:

-If you have already AliExpress products added to your Shopify store and you want to connect them to Oberlo;
-If you have accidentally unsynced the Shopify product from Oberlo and you want to sync them back;
-If you want to change the supplier for the product.

The Process of Overriding the Product

1.  Add new supplier's product to the Import List.

2. From the Import List, click "More actions" and "Select Product to Override".

3. From the pop-up menu, select your existing Shopify product.
4. If you want to replace the product title, description or images, mark the checkboxes below. If you do not mark these options, the product title, description and images will stay the same as in your existing Shopify product.
5. Click "Override", then click "Import And Override"..

6. Optional: If you have any open orders with the old product that haven't been placed yet, then select the new variant that matches the product. Then click "Override".

Other Information

Oberlo does not delete the product, which means that the product ID, product URL, and product statistics remain the same in Shopify. However, if you use Google or Facebook sales channels and override a product in Oberlo, then the product ID does change.

Oberlo replaces your existing product variants to the original defaults, so, do not forget to customize your variants if needed.  

If you had any orders placed by your customers when the product was out-of-sync with Oberlo, Oberlo will not import these orders to Oberlo anymore. 

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