You can group and organize your products using product collections, tags, and types in your Shopify admin. Product collections let your customers find your products easily in your online store.

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Create a product collection

You can group your products into a product collection. There are two types of collections: manual and automated. A manual collection lets you choose specific products for a collection and curate your collection manually. An automated collection uses selected conditions to automatically include matching products.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.

  2. Click Create collection.

  3. Name your collection.

  4. In the Collection type section, select Manual or Automated.

    1. If you select the Manual collection type, then click Save.

    2. If you select the Automated collection type, then add conditions to your collection and click Save.

Add products to collections

If you have a manual collection, then you need to add products to your collection manually. If you have an automated collection, then products are added to your collection automatically based on your set conditions.

Manual collection

If you have a manual collection, then you can add products to your collection in the following ways:

  • From the Collections page in Shopify admin.

  • From the Products page in Shopify admin.

  • From the Import List in Oberlo admin.

Automated collection

You can add one or more conditions for an automated collection to match products based on many details such as product title, type, tag, price, and others. If you use product types and tags in your automated collection conditions, then you can assign product types and tags in your Import List and add products to your collection.

For example, a product type can be shirt and a product tag summer. After you add a product to your Import List, you can assign a product type and tag. When you import this product to your Shopify admin, then it's added to your collection based on product type and tag.

Automated collections don't show up in the Import List. You need to use the product types and tags to add products to your automated collections. If you've already imported your product into Shopify, then you can change your product type and tags in the Shopify admin.

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