To override a product means to change your existing product with a new product from another supplier. This can be useful when your existing product becomes out of stock or when it loses connection with Oberlo. When you override a product, you can change the supplier for your current orders or change the supplier and product details for current and future orders.

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Override products for current and future orders

You can override products to replace old products with new ones while keeping the same product URL and statistics. During the override, you can update the details, pricing, and images for the product. There can be multiple reasons why you might need to override a product:

  • You want to connect your existing AliExpress products to your Oberlo account.
  • You want to reconnect a product in Shopify that has become disconnected from Oberlo.
  • You want to change the supplier for the product (e.g when your existing product becomes out of stock).


1. Find a product to replace the existing product and add it to your Import List.

2. Click Import List.

3. Click More actions > Select Product to Override for the product that you want to update.

4. Search for the product that you want to override in the Existing product field, then select it.

5. Check if you want to override the title, description, and images.

6. Click Override.

7. Optional: If you have any open orders with the old product that haven't been placed yet, then select the new variant that matches the product. Then click Override.

7. Click Import and Override.

Note: Oberlo does not delete the product, which means that your product ID, product URL, and product statistics remain the same in Shopify. However, if you use Google or Facebook sales channels and override a product in Oberlo, then the product ID does change.

Your existing product variants are restored to their defaults for each product that you override. If you need to make any changes, then customize your variants in the Import List before confirming the override.

If your customers placed any orders when your product was disconnected from Oberlo, then such orders will not appear in Oberlo. You need to override the disconnected product with a new product, and then edit your Shopify order. Learn more about handling missing Shopify orders in Oberlo.

Override product for current orders

Note: This feature is available only on the Boss plan. To get access to this feature, consider upgrading your Oberlo plan.

You can change the supplier for products on existing orders, while keeping your original supplier for future orders. You can only override orders that are in the To order status. When you override products for current orders, then it doesn't affect your original product. The product URL, title, description, and images remain the same. Any future orders that you receive will use the original supplier.

For example, suppose a new supplier runs a sale on a product that you usually purchase from a different supplier. You can override your existing orders to use this new supplier and take advantage of the sale, but keep your original supplier for future orders after the sale ends.


1. Find a product to replace the existing product and add it to your Shopify store.

2. Go to the Orders page in Oberlo.

3. Next to the product that you want to override, click Override.

4. In the Override with field, enter the title of the new product.

5. In the Variant field, select the corresponding variant.

6. Check if to apply this change to all unfulfilled orders.

7. Click Override product.

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