Override Product for Current and Future Orders

Oberlo has an "Override" feature, which can be used to change the supplier for the product or sync accidentally unsynced Shopify products. To override the product, follow the steps below:

1. Add a new supplier's product to the Import List.
2. From the Import List, click "More actions" and "Select Product to Override".

3. From the pop-up menu, select your existing Shopify product.
4. If you want to replace the product title, description or images, mark the checkboxes below. If you do not mark these options, the product title, description and images will stay the same as in your existing Shopify product.

5. To complete the override process, click "Import And Override".
6. If you have any orders that haven't been ordered from the supplier, Oberlo will ask you to match product variants for those orders. For example, the old product variant "Blue" should be mapped with the new product variant "Blue".

Note: Oberlo does not delete the product, which means that your product ID, product URL, and product statistics remain the same. Oberlo replaces your existing product variants to the original defaults, so, do not forget to customize your variants if needed.  

Override Product for the Current Orders Only 

This feature is available for the Boss plan users only. To get access to this feature, consider upgrading your Oberlo plan.  

Override a product for current orders allows you to change the supplier of the product variant for a specific order or orders that are in the “To Order” status without overriding the whole product on the “Import List” or “My Products” page. 

To override the product for current orders, follow the steps below: 

1. Go to the “Orders” page and click ''Override”. 

2. In the “Override with” field, find a new product from your Shopify product list.
3. In the “Variant” field, select the corresponding variant.
4. If you want to apply the changes for all unfulfilled orders, mark the checkbox.
5. Click “Override product” to initiate override process.

Note: When you override a product for your unfulfilled orders, the current product URL, description, price, variants, images remain as they are in your Shopify store.

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