Setting up your store shouldn't take months to accomplish, you can start a dropshipping business fast if you do it right. If you haven't started yet, then check the Oberlo store setup checklist. This article provides some great tips on how to convert more of your store visitors to paying customers.

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Online store tips

Business name

Consider nailing your store name. You should come up with a short, simple, catchy store name that would be remarkable and easily pronounceable. The last thing you want is to burden your customers with a hard-to-spell store name. 

Custom domain

Buy a custom domain. A custom domain can strengthen your brand and better represent your niche. For example, "Victoria Shoes" or double down on your brand and have the advantage of a more versatile domain that you will not need to change if you decide to switch your niche such as "Lucky Change!".

Brand logo and store slogan

Design a logo for your store, that represents your brand name or the products you are selling. Check out these great logo maker tools or the free Shopify Hatchful logo maker to create a unique logo for your store.

Create a slogan for your store, which shapes your brand and represents your products better. For example, if you sell poker-related products, then you can have a slogan "Get Lucky, Forget the Rest". Learn more about creating a catchy slogan.

Professional storefront images

Use high-quality images to improve your overall store design. Low-quality, pixelated images on your storefront can be the first push for the customer to close the browser tab. 

Convenient product navigation

Group your store products into collections. Collections let store visitors understand, what kind of products you sell and help them explore easier.


Lots of customers shop using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Make sure that your website looks good on mobile devices and supports both Android and iOS.

Create all the essential webpages and policies

Customers can have questions about products and orders. Make it easy to contact you and proactively cover frequently asked questions in your store. Create all of the necessary online store's webpages and policies such as "Contact Us", "About Us", "FAQ", and others.

A good “About Us” page is a great way to gain trust from new visitors, who are interested in buying your products. Don't hesitate to tell your story in detail, namely, how you came up with this idea of selling the products, what your goals are, what you strive for, what your name stands for. All of these details make a huge difference in gaining the trust of your store visitors.

A “Shipping & Delivery” page is one of the most visited webpages in an online store? This webpage should set the right expectations about your delivery policy. You should also set up automatic shipping confirmation email notifications. A well-informed customer is a happy customer.


Create limited-time special offers like low stock, timer countdowns, but don't overdo it. This is a powerful stimulus for the visitor to buy a product, though it has to look genuine and exclusive. You can use the Ultimate Sales Boost app to add special time offers in your store.

Product page tips

Product title

Change the titles of your products. Usually, suppliers give long names to their items, which doesn't look professional. Shorten product titles or rename them specifically giving a model name, for example, "Calibre De VKDN Watch". 

Product description

Improve product descriptions. When you import a product from a supplier, only the "Item Specifics" is added automatically. Write an attractive description about the item as this can influence willingness to buy a product and leave the technical details in a separate tab. If you want to go even further, order some of the products for yourself and record a short video displaying the product which will be a huge addition to your description of the product!

Sticky add to cart button

Make sure that the "Add to cart" button is always visible to the customer. You want to give every opportunity for the buyer to purchase your product. There are various apps that can do this by either introducing a subtle animation or creating a "Sticky Add To Cart" button effect. Click here to find the app that works best for you.

Secure shopping badges

Add the available payment methods you accept and secure shopping badges to the footer and/or in the product descriptions. Visitors will be informed about available payment options and will feel much safer about giving their credit card details when buying from you.

Professional product images

Consider removing the supplier's brand name and logo from the product images. If you are good at editing images, you can camouflage the brand name or simply crop it. Another way is to look for the images that do not contain a logo using "Google Search by the Image". Images with other brand names give a signal to the visitor that the shop might be a scam and should not be trusted.

Product Reviews

Build product reviews. When you are not a very well-known brand, visitors don't feel confident about buying from an unknown e-store, sometimes reviews provide more useful information, which you cannot find in the product description. It is especially useful when product reviews allow uploading pictures of the received products.

Reduced Prices

Various Christmas promotions, flash, and recurring sales are good ways to push the customer one step closer to buying your products, but be mindful of what you put on "On sale". Customers will not believe product discounts if the majority of your products are on sale, especially if they are recently added products.

FAQ Page

Create a FAQ section for your product page. Try to think like a customer and provide answers to the most common questions that might arise. Such as: "Is your store secure?“, “Can I request a refund if I don’t like the product?“, “When will I get the product?“. Customers love when their questions can be answered in one convenient place. Use this FAQ app to create your own easy-to-navigate and informative FAQ page.

General tips

Work on your store design and try to find a good balance by not overpopulating it with various pop-ups. Instead of investing a lot of money in various apps, take the time to refine every detail of your store. Make sure that there are no typing mistakes on the pages, where visitors navigate the most. 

Check how your store looks like using the mobile device because e-shopping is getting more popular via mobile phone or tablet.

Provide the best customer service you can and listen to the people that come to buy your products. Customers must know that you care for them and that there is always a person that can help.

As a final touch, ask your family or friend to review your store and say what they think about it. In order to sell something to the customer - be the customer! Always remember to think from a customer's perspective and treat them how you would like to be treated. 

Marketing tips

Once you start advertising your store and products, it's important to track the success of the ad. If you spend a lot of money on advertising but don't get a good amount of visitors to your store, then it means that your ad viewers aren't interested in the product you're selling. You need to improve your ad or audience targeting.

If you get a good amount of visitors to your store, but no one buys anything, then it's likely that visitors don't trust your store as an overall online store. It might also mean that the shipping options or payment options were not suitable.

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