After you receive an AliExpress product order, you will need to purchase it from the supplier. Go to the Orders page to place the order. If you do not see the order in Oberlo, check out this article for the possible causes.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What steps you need to take before starting the ordering process
  • How to place a single order
  • How to place multiple orders
  • How to mark orders as "Fulfilled"
  • Frequently asked questions

Steps to Take Before the Ordering Process:

  1. You have the Oberlo Chrome Extension installed and you are using a computer.
  2. You have an AliExpress account created and you are logged into it. Do not place orders as a guest because you won't be able to track them later, and your customer will receive emails from AliExpress. 
  3. Make sure that your AliExpress cart is empty before placing a new order.

How to Place a Single Order

To place a single AliExpress product order, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the orange Order Product button to start the ordering process.

2. You will be directed to the AliExpress website, where items and the shipping information will be added by Oberlo. If something is not added automatically, you will need to fill in manually.
3. In the Payment Methods section, select the preferred payment option and add your payment details.
4 (optional). If you ship to the USA, Canada or UK, you will see an option to fill in Billing Address. Here, make sure to leave the checkbox unmarked and use your own billing address.

5. In the Order Review section, review the order and choose the preferred shipping method.
6. Click Place Order to confirm your order. 

Suppliers ships out orders within 2-7 days. Review the How to Mark Orders as Fulfilled section below on how to mark the order as fulfilled after the supplier has shipped the items.

How to Place Multiple Orders

The bulk ordering feature is available on Basic and Pro subscription plans. 

To place multiple AliExpress product orders, follow the steps below:

1. Select the orders you want to place.
2. Click Place X AliExpress Orders to initiate the ordering process.

3. Oberlo will open a new browser tab and will start processing your orders. Oberlo will add the products to the shopping cart, select the preferred shipping method according to your Oberlo settings and add the order to the Awaiting Payment section on AliExpress.

Note: if any error occurs, Oberlo will stop the ordering process and will show a notification informing about the issue. You will be able to click Solve to be directed to AliExpress to fix the issue or skip the order and continue processing the other ones. 

4. Once Oberlo finishes placing your orders, you will see a notification in Oberlo informing about the finished process. Click Status Page to see the detailed information about the placed orders.

5. Click Pay For All Orders to be directed to checkout page on the AliExpress website.

6. Enter your payment card details and pay for your orders.

Suppliers ships out orders within 2-7 days. Review the How to Mark Orders as Fulfilled section below on how to mark the order as fulfilled after the supplier has shipped the items.

Captcha Solver

When placing orders in bulk Aliexpress can ask to solve a Captcha puzzle in order to get proof there is no bot activity. In such a case Oberlo has a Captcha Solver feature that automatically solves the Captcha puzzle for you.
this feature is available on Basic and Pro subscription plans. 

Note: It may take up to 10 seconds to solve a single captcha as it has to check the database to find a correct solution for the specific captcha.

How to Fulfill Orders in Oberlo

Once the supplier ships the order, you need to fulfill your order in Oberlo. You can import the tracking code from AliExpress to Oberlo and fulfill your order in the following ways: 

Click Get Tracking Code next to the order in Oberlo.

Otherwise, you can click any of the Send Details, Sync this page or Sync all orders buttons on the website.

After this step, your orders will be fulfilled in Oberlo and Shopify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place orders using my mobile phone?
To place AliExpress product orders, you need to use the Oberlo Chrome Extension. It works only on a laptop or a desktop computer.

Why am I not able to place my orders in bulk?
The feature is available for Basic and Pro subscription plans only. If you want to make use of bulk ordering feature along with other functionalities, click here to see which Oberlo subscription plan you are on, and upgrade if needed. 

Is there any order limit that I can place at once using bulk ordering feature? 

You can place an unlimited number of orders, however, you will need to process your payment in batches - 30 orders at a time. For example, if you place 90 orders, you will need to pay for them in 3 batches: for the first 30 orders, then another 30 orders, and the rest of the orders. 

Can I change the shipping method for my orders on the checkout page when placing in bulk?

You won't be able to adjust shipping methods when ordering in bulk once you are on the AliExpress checkout. To make sure that the correct shipping method is selected for your products beforehand, make sure to set your personalized shipping methods in Oberlo settings.

Does the Captcha Solver feature work when placing orders one by one?
The Captcha Solver feature works only when placing orders in bulk, it will not work when placing a single order.

The Captcha Solver feature did not solve the Captcha puzzle, what should I do?
The Captcha Solver feature is still being improved and in case it fails to solve a Captcha puzzle you should enter the Captcha manually.

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