There are three reasons why Shopify orders do not show up on the Oberlo Orders page: payment status, application bug or the product is not synced with Oberlo.

Payment Status

Oberlo only shows orders which are marked as “PAID” in Shopify. Mark the order as paid, and then check if it appeared in Oberlo.

If you want to capture payments for future orders automatically, you should go to the Shopify admin > Settings > Payment providers and choose the “Automatically capture payment for orders” option.

Application Bug

Due to the update bug, orders may not be added to Oberlo. To trigger the update, add a note to the order in Shopify and check if it has appeared in Oberlo after several minutes.

Product Is Not Synced With Oberlo

If none of the above reasons apply, it means that the product(s) is not synced with Oberlo. Oberlo does show orders of products, that are not synced with Oberlo.


-The product was added without using the Oberlo import buttons.

-The product was duplicated in the Shopify admin.

-Product variants were created manually in the Shopify admin.

-All product variants were deleted in the Shopify admin.

-Products were exported and then imported to Shopify via a CSV file.

-The third-party (bundle, upsell) application was used, which modified product variants or created new products.


Your order will never show up in Oberlo, however, you need to take the steps below to be able to purchase the product from the supplier.

  1. Override the product to resync it back with Oberlo. This step helps to solve the problem with orders that will be created in the future.
  2. Duplicate the order, that did not show up in Oberlo and a new duplicated order will appear in Oberlo. When you duplicate the order, the customer's information is copied from the existing order, therefore, you will only need to add the needed products. 

To duplicate the order, click "More actions" and "Duplicate".

Another way is to create a new draft order. When creating a new draft order, you will need to enter all order details manually. 

Once you do this, a newly created order will appear in Oberlo and you will be able to purchase products from the supplier.

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