How Orders Are Displayed in Oberlo

Once you receive an order from your customer, it needs to show up on the Oberlo “Orders” page as unfulfilled with the orange “Order product” button next to it.

If your order is marked as fulfilled, and there is no tracking code next to it (see Order #1030 below), this means that you have not yet purchased the item from the supplier.

How Automatically Fulfilled Orders Appear in Oberlo

Automatically fulfilled orders may show up in Oberlo because of two reasons:

1. You have marked the order as fulfilled or created the shipping label in Shopify.

2. You have the "Automatically fulfill the order's line items" option selected on the Settings (Checkout) page in Shopify. Instead, you need to have the "Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items" option selected.

This article will help you to cancel the order fulfillment and purchase products from the supplier.

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