Your AliExpress orders can get canceled or frozen on AliExpress. Both canceled and frozen AliExpress orders have Canceled order status in Oberlo. To determine if your order is canceled or frozen you need to check the error notification next to your order in Oberlo.

If your order is canceled, then you can place a new order or refund your Shopify order. If your order is frozen, then you need to contact AliExpress support.

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Manage your canceled AliExpress orders

If you receive the following error notification next to your order in Oberlo, then your order is canceled: This order is canceled in AliExpress. Check the details and try placing the order again.

Your AliExpress order can get canceled due to the following reasons:

  • You canceled your order before paying for it.

  • You placed your order, but you didn’t pay for it in a set timeframe.

  • You requested to cancel your order after paying for it but before it was shipped.

  • The AliExpress supplier didn’t ship out your order within a set timeframe.

  • The AliExpress supplier didn’t receive your payment.

  • The AliExpress supplier doesn’t ship to the selected country.

  • The AliExpress supplier doesn’t have the product you’ve ordered.

If you want to know why your order was canceled by the supplier or AliExpress, then you can contact the supplier or AliExpress support.

You can decide whether you want to continue fulfilling your customer's order by placing a new order in AliExpress or refund your customer in Shopify. If you place a new order, then Oberlo updates that order’s AliExpress order number and order status accordingly.


  1. From your Oberlo admin, click Orders.

  2. Find your canceled order. Your canceled order has a Canceled order status.

  3. Click ORDER.

  4. Place your order on AliExpress.

Manage your frozen AliExpress orders

If you receive the following error notification next to your order in Oberlo, then your order is frozen: This order is frozen in AliExpress. Reach out to AliExpress or place a new order.

AliExpress can freeze your orders due to security reasons to prevent fake or fraudulent activities. You need to contact AliExpress support to handle your frozen orders.


  1. Go to

  2. Click Help > Customer Service.

  3. Click Online Service.

  4. Enter appeal in the chatbox.

  5. Click Payment Failure > Appeal (Card Verification) > I don't have information required.

  6. Click Chat with an agent now to initiate a live conversation with the AliExpress support.

If you don’t get an option to chat with an agent, then type appeal once more and select the same options in the same window. Explain your issue in detail and provide any documents to the AliExpress support.

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