Sometimes when you place orders on AliExpress, they can get closed (canceled) by AliExpress. Usually, AliExpress closes orders to prevent fake or fraudulent activities. AliExpress may not know that you are dropshipping and when they see your orders to multiple customers in different locations they might consider it as a red flag.

In such cases, you need to reorder the products from the closed order. You can also contact AliExpress support to provide a reason why your order was closed.

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Find a closed order

AliExpress does not send any notifications or emails about closed orders. Therefore, you need to check your AliExpress Orders page to see if there were any closed orders. When orders are closed, then their order status becomes Closed on the AliExpress Orders page.

If you want to get more information on why your order was closed, then click View Detail in the closed order on the AliExpress Orders page and see the reason in the Reminder section.

Reorder the product

If the order was closed for any reason, there is no way to reopen it, even if you contact AliExpress. In such cases, you need to reorder the product from your closed order:

1. In Oberlo, go the Orders page.

2. Find the closed order.

3. Click More actions and then Delete AliExpress order number.

4. Click Delete.

5. Click ORDER to reorder your products from the closed order.

6. Place your order on AliExpress.

To learn more about order placement and fulfillment, refer to the Placing and fulfilling AliExpress product orders article.

Contact the AliExpress support

You can also contact AliExpress support to get more information about your closed order such as why it was closed in the first place. To be able to chat with the AliExpress support agent, you need to get past the Eva bot:

1. On the main AliExpress page, click Help and Customer Service.

2. Scroll down and click Online Service.

3. In the chat field, type appeal.

4. Select Payment Failure.

5. Select Appeal (Card Verification) and then I cannot submit document.

6. Now click Chat with an agent now to initiate a live conversation with the support agent.

If you do not get an option to chat with an agent, then in the same window type appeal once more and select the same options.

Once you are connected with the AliExpress agent, then explain your issue in detail and provide any documents they ask for.

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