Staff accounts allow other members of your team to access your Oberlo dashboard, using their unique login. You can set an access level for each staff member to determine which parts of the account they can view or make changes to.

Staff accounts feature availability

Staff permission settings are only available with the Boss plan. Check your subscription plan here and consider upgrading your account if needed.

Take note, that if you decide to change your Oberlo plan to a different one, which doesn't have this feature included, later on, you will lose access to this feature and your staff accounts will not be able to log in and use your Oberlo platform. If you upgrade your Oberlo plan again, you will need to set your staff accounts active using the toggle.

Managing staff accounts

Staff accounts are managed within the Oberlo platform. To make changes related to staff accounts, follow the steps below:

1. From your Oberlo admin, go to the Settings page.

2. Click Staff permissions.

From here, you can create new accounts or change existing staff accounts.

Staff access levels

Staff access levels let you provide staff with access to your Oberlo platform account, without giving them access to sensitive information. The access level is chosen when the staff account is first created, but you can change it at any time by clicking on the staff member’s name.

There are three access level options available when creating new staff accounts.

  • Limited access
  • Full access
  • Admin

Limited access

With limited access, you can choose specific sections of Oberlo that the staff member can view and make changes to. If a staff member requires more permissions than the access options listed below, consider providing them with full access instead.

The access options are:

  • Dashboard
  • Orders
  • Products
  • Settings

Full access

Full access provides the staff member with access to the entire Oberlo platform, excluding the "Staff permission" settings. Full access staff cannot create and manage other staff accounts.


Staff with admin access can access any part of the Oberlo platform and can create and manage other staff members. Provide admin access to your store cautiously.

Add a staff account

Staff members are added to your store via an email invitation. Each staff member must use a unique email address, that is not yet in use on any other Oberlo accounts. There is no limit of accounts you can add.

To invite a user as staff to your account, follow the instructions below.

  1. From your Oberlo admin, go to the Settings page.
  2. Click Staff permissions.
  3. Click Add.
  4. From the popup, enter the staff member’s email address, and choose their access level.
  5. Click Invite.

The staff member will receive an email with invitation to manage your Oberlo platform. They must click the link in the email invitation to finish setting up their staff account name and password.

Change access for the staff account

The access level for your staff accounts can be changed any time you want. To do so, follow these steps:

1. From the Staff permissions page, click on the staff account name you want to make changes to.

2. From the dialog, select another access level.

3. To save changes, click Save.

You can also make the staff account inactive for some time. This means, that your member will not be able to log into the Oberlo platform until you make the account active again. To make the staff account active and inactive, you the toggle at the top of the dialog.

Remove a staff account

Staff members can be removed from your account at any time. To remove a staff member, follow the instructions below.

  1. From the side menu in the bottom left, click Settings.
  2. Click Staff permissions.
  3. Click on the staff member you want to remove.
  4. Click remove.

Your staff member will no longer be able to log into your Oberlo platform and take any action.

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