On "Suppliers" settings page in Oberlo, you can set settings related to AliExpress.com suppliers. In this section, you can manage the Oberlo Chrome Extension behaviour when placing orders on the Aliexpress.com website.

On this page:

Personalized Shipping Methods

Oberlo Chrome Extension will automatically select your preferred shipping method based on a product and your target shipping country set.  

Default shipping method

Oberlo Chrome Extension will select the default shipping method if the personalized shipping methods are not set, or preferred shipping methods are not available for a specific product. 

However, if the default shipping method is not available either, Oberlo Chrome Extension will pick the cheapest shipping option available. 

Override phone number

Oberlo Chrome Extension will always add the written phone number when you place orders on Aliexpress.com. It is useful if you do not ask your customers to provide phone number when they place orders in your Shopify store.

Custom note

Oberlo Chrome Extension will always add the custom note when you place orders on AliExpress.com. Use this note to inform suppliers that you are dropshipping and do not want them to include any invoices or promotional material in the shipments.

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