Your product details page is the most important page of your online store. You can use simple strategies and tips to improve your product details page and potentially make more sales.

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Product description

The product description is the most important component of your product details page. The key factor of having a good product description is to provide correct product information and remove unnecessary information. You should always edit the product description provided by the supplier and make it your own.

For example, if you’re selling a T-shirt then you need to make sure that you’re providing a correct sizing chart. However, details such as the product type, brand, or origin country can be considered unnecessary information.

You can use one of the main strategies for your product descriptions:

Detailed description

If you’re selling a gadget or any other product that performs a specific function, then try using the detailed product description. You need to show the value your product brings and you need to display it with as much visual detail as possible such as images and videos.

You can provide the following information in your detailed product description:

  • Sizing chart or product measurements

  • Additional product images

  • Product video

  • Instructions on how to use your product

  • Trust badges and guarantees

  • The value your product creates

For example:

Simple description

If you’re selling a general clothing product such as T-shirts, dresses, jackets, or any other apparel, then try using the simple product description. Usually, when customers are shopping for clothing they already know what they are looking for and they just need the key information about the product such as a sizing chart.

You can provide the following information in your simple product description:

  • 2-3 sentences about the product

  • Sizing chart

  • Product material

  • Washing instructions

For example:

Super cute Bella dress will see you dance the day (and night!) away, and you will not want to take it off. It features a stylish polka dot print and is easy to wear. Perfect for summer parties, romantic dates, and other lovely occasions.

  • Made from high-quality cotton

  • Choose from three colors

  • Easy care: wash and hang dry

Chart that shows the sizing dimensions and buttons that link to social media.

Product title

The product title is nearly as important as the product description. After you import a product to your store, you should always edit the product title. Default product titles from AliExpress are long and contain unnecessary keywords. There are many ways you can improve your product title, but the simplest one is to shorten it and remove unnecessary details.

Original product title

New product title

DAIWA LEGALIS LT Spinning Fishing REELS 2000D-XH/3000-CXH/4000D-CXH l High Gear 6.2:1 carbon body 5+1BB Wheel

"DAIWA" Carbon Fishing Reel


"Pini Chiesa" Elegant dress

You can also get creative in fixing your product title to increase the perceived value of and successfully sell the product. For example, you can search for an interesting city or monument name in Italy and call your dress "Pini Chiesa" Elegant dress.

If you're presenting your online store as a brand, then you can include your brand name into the product title to make your product look unique to your store and increase its perceived value.

Product images

Product images are crucial to selling any product on an online store. AliExpress products already come with product images but some images may not suit your store. Consider the following when choosing which product images to use for your online store:

  • Avoid images with logos, text, and other distracting information.

  • Avoid using blurry images.

  • Try to use similar style of images for your products to make your site look consistent.

  • Match the image background colour to your online store's main color. For example, if your online store's main color is white, then your product image's background color should also be white.

You can edit your product images in your Shopify admin and remove the unnecessary information. You can crop, rotate, resize, and download your product image to edit with third-party tools.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Products.

  2. Click a product you want to edit.

  3. In the Media section, click the image you want to change and use the image editor.

  4. Edit your product image and click Done.

Product price

How you display your product price on your product details page is also significant. You can assign cents to your product price as it makes your product price look cheaper than it actually is. For example, $39.99 looks more affordable and appealing than $40.

You can assign .90, .95, or .99. However, the most commonly used option is .99. When you assign cents to your products, make sure that they're consistent across all of your products in your online store.


  1. From your Oberlo admin, go to Settings.

  2. Go to the Pricing rules tab, and then to the Assign Cents section.

  3. Check Assign cents and enter 99 in the field below.

  4. Optional: If you use the compare at price, then check Assign compare at cents, and enter 99 in the field below.


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