If you uninstalled the Oberlo app from your Shopify store, and would like to start using Oberlo again, then you can reinstall the Oberlo app into your Shopify admin. Any products that were imported with Oberlo will reconnect automatically.

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Reinstall Oberlo

You can reinstall the Oberlo app from the Shopify App Store. Once the app is reinstalled, your existing Oberlo products in Shopify reconnect to the app automatically. You can see all your connected products in Oberlo, on the Products page.

When you reinstall Oberlo, your Oberlo plan defaults to the free Explorer plan. The free Explorer plan can sync up to 500 products. Therefore, if you have more than 500 products imported, then they remain synced, but you cannot import any new products, or override any products until you select a paid plan again.

Manage orders

If you received orders for Oberlo products while the app was uninstalled, then your orders will show up in your Oberlo dashboard within 10-15 minutes after you reinstall the app. This means that you will be able to fulfill your orders with Oberlo.

Manage inventory

In Shopify, your store can have multiple locations. Locations represent where your inventory is stocked and fulfilled from. Since Oberlo inventory is not stocked at your physical location, and is instead stocked at the supplier’s location, when you install Oberlo, an Oberlo app location is created.

When the Oberlo app is uninstalled, the Oberlo app location is deleted too, and any inventory managed at that location is transferred to one of your other locations. At the same time, the fulfillment service for those products changes from “Oberlo” to “Shopify”.

Then, when you reinstall the Oberlo app, the products you imported with Oberlo are reconnected. However, you need to change the product’s fulfillment service back to “Oberlo”. This ensures that the product inventory is stocked at the Oberlo app location, and not at one of your physical locations.

If the inventory is stocked at a physical location, instead of the Oberlo app location, then it could stop shipping rates from the Oberlo app location from being shown to your customers, which could prevent them from placing an order.

To change a product’s fulfillment service to Oberlo, follow these steps:

1. In your Shopify admin, click Products.

2. Use the checkboxes to select the products you would like to adjust.

3. Click Edit products.

4. On the next page, click Add fields.

5. In the Shipping section, click Fulfillment service.

6. In the Fulfillment service column, ensure the field is set to Oberlo.

Configure shipping

If your shipping settings were changed in Shopify while Oberlo was uninstalled, be sure to check that you still have rates set up for the Oberlo app location.

Learn more about configuring your shipping settings to work with Oberlo in the Setting up shipping settings in Shopify article.

Note: Using calculated shipping rates, like USPS, or FedEx, do not work with Oberlo. This is because calculated shipping rates use your store’s address as the shipping origin when the product is actually shipped from the supplier’s address.

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