If you want to take a break from your business, then you can do that without losing information and pay no monthly fee. You have to change your Oberlo plan to the free Explorer plan and pause your Shopify store.

Cancel your Oberlo plan

If you use a paid Oberlo plan (Grad or Boss), then you can change it to the free Explorer plan. After you change your Oberlo plan you are still able to access and use the current paid plan features and content until the end of your billing cycle. You can find the scheduled downgrade in the Your plan tab on the Account settings page.

As per the Oberlo Refund Policy, Oberlo does not refund any monthly payments that have already taken place.

To change your Oberlo plan follow these steps:

1. In Oberlo, go to the Account settings page.

2. Select Your plan tab and then click the Switch plan.

3. Select the Explorer plan.

4. To confirm click Select plan.

Pause your Shopify store

If your Oberlo account is connected to a Shopify store, then you also can pause your Shopify store. You can choose from two available options: Pause and build or Pause.

Pause and build store status disables your storefront, but you can still continue working on your store and using Oberlo. It costs 9.90 USD/month.

Pause store status completely disables your Shopify account up to 3 months and it does not have any monthly fees. With this plan, you can access your Oberlo account only directly from Oberlo, however, you are unable to import products to your Shopify store. After 3 months your Shopify store automatically upgrades to the Pause and build option. To learn more, refer to the Pausing or closing your store article.

To pause your Shopify store, follow these steps:

1. From the Shopify admin, go to the Settings page.

2. Click Plans and permissions.

3. From the Store status section, select Pause and build or Pause option.

4. To confirm, click Pause and build or Pause.

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