Oberlo has two plans: the free Explorer plan and the paid Boss plan. You can change your Oberlo plan in your account name in your Account settings > Your plan.

When you create your Oberlo account, you're assigned the free Explorer plan by default. With the Explorer plan, you can use all the basic dropshipping features.

The Boss plan costs $29.90 USD/month. With the Boss plan, you can use the same features as on the Explorer plan and get access to more advanced dropshipping features, such as bulk orders, shipment tracking, and staff accounts.

You can take advantage of all the Oberlo courses and learning resources on both plans for free.

Table that lists which plan has one of the 9 features of Oberlo that are described on this page.

Product limits

This is a limit of how many products you can have in your Import List and Products page combined. You can have up to 500 products with the Explorer plan and up to 30,000 products with the Boss plan.

Unlimited monthly orders

You’re not restricted by the number of orders you can place in Oberlo. You can place as many orders as you need in the Explorer and Boss plan.

Oberlo Chrome extension

You can use Oberlo Chrome extension to efficiently add products from the aliexpress.com website to your Import List, filter product shipping information on aliexpress.com, and place your orders in Oberlo. Oberlo Chrome extension is free and included in both the Explorer and Boss plan.

Variant mapping

You can use variant mapping to map different product variants into one product or replace the out-of-stock variants with new ones without deleting the whole product. You can connect up to 2 products with the Explorer plan and up to 5 products with the Boss plan.

Bulk orders

With the Boss plan, you can place multiple AliExpress orders in Oberlo. This feature is especially useful when you start getting lots of sales and you need to place your orders in bulk to save fulfillment time.

Shipment tracking

With the Boss plan, you can access and keep a record of all of your order tracking information in one place. You can filter orders by fulfillment status, financial status, and tracking status. This lets you keep an eye on your orders and their status.

Multiple staff accounts

With the Boss plan, you can add and manage staff accounts. Staff accounts let your staff members access your Oberlo admin, using their unique login credentials. You can set specific access permissions for each staff to control which parts of your Oberlo admin they can view or adjust.

Affiliate program

With the Boss plan, you can make use of the affiliate program. An affiliate program lets you earn commissions by generating sales. When you place orders through Oberlo, a unique affiliate link is generated, then you get back a small percentage of the money you paid back to your account.

CAPTCHA solver

With the Boss plan, your Oberlo Chrome extension automatically solves any AliExpress CAPTCHAs, saving you time when you make multiple orders.

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