From your Oberlo admin click "Settings" to access your store settings. The page consists of two main sections: general settings and auto update settings.

Note: Store settings will not be visible if you haven't connected the Shopify store.

General Settings

Store name – add your Shopify store name.

Set new products as published – once you import products to your shop from the Import list, products will automatically become visible to your visitors.

Set products as taxable – select this option if you want to charge an additional tax when selling products.

Set unit of measurement for product weight – allows you to change the weight of each product in the Import list before importing to shop. It is useful when you set weight based shipping rates in Shopify.

Notify customer about the order fulfillment – if you enable this option, the notification email will be sent to the customer once the order is fulfilled with Oberlo.

Custom shipping tracking URL – you can add the custom shipment tracking website URL in this field, which will be added to the notification emails. Your customers will be able to track their packages from the notification email sent by clicking on the tracking code. Check out this article for the detailed steps.

We recommend using this URL:

Disable Shopify Login – enable this setting if you want to forbid logging into Oberlo through the Shopify admin > Apps page. Then, you and your team members will be able to log into the Oberlo through the page.

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