You can set up general store settings for Oberlo admin in Settings > General. If you don't have a Shopify store connected to your Oberlo account, then the store settings are not visible.

You can change the following general store settings:



Set new products as published

Select if you want products to be automatically visible to your customers when you import them from the Import List to your store.

Set products as taxable

Select if you want to charge tax when you sell your products. Learn more about how taxes apply to you.

Set unit of measurement for product weight

Select if you want to set the weight measurement that is used and enter weights for each product or variant in the Import List.

Disable Shopify Login

Select if you want to deactivate the ability to log into Oberlo from the Apps page in the Shopify admin. If selected, you can only log into the Oberlo through the page. This feature is available only on the Boss plan.

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