If building a dropshipping store from the ground up isn’t a suitable option, then you might consider purchasing an existing Oberlo store instead. You can find dropshipping store sellers on various social media groups, or you can use a dedicated platform like Exchange Marketplace.

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Purchase a store from Exchange Marketplace

Exchange Marketplace is a platform where you can buy and sell Shopify stores. You can use Exchange to browse and buy a dropshipping store.

Benefits of Exchange Marketplace

  • Dedicated section for dropshipping and Oberlo stores;
  • Wide selection. From starter stores, ready to start selling, to established businesses with regular traffic and orders;
  • Verified store data. Listings display recent store data, imported directly from Shopify, so you can decide if the business and workload will be a good fit for your intentions;
  • Secure transactions. All payments are safely managed in Escrow;
  • Assisted transfer of ownership. The ownership of the account will be transferred from the seller to you by Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace team.


To purchase or list a store on the Exchange Marketplace, you need to meet the Exchange user requirements. They help ensure that the ownership can be transferred to you, and that the payment is transmitted securely.

Explore Oberlo stores

You can filter Oberlo stores that are for sale on the Exchange Marketplace.


1. Go to the Exchange Marketplace.

2. Click Browse > Business type > Oberlo stores.

If you decide that you want to purchase the store, you can send the seller an offer. Learn more about the purchase process and how to contact a seller.

Transfer Oberlo account ownership

Once you purchase a Shopify store, provide the seller with an email address for the Oberlo account, and agree on a temporary password that can be used during the transfer process.

Once you have taken ownership of the store, change your Oberlo account email address and password, and enter your payment card information if you want to change your Oberlo plan.

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