There can be multiple reasons why you are unable to import products to your store. To learn more about product import itself, refer to the Importing Products and Importing Products from articles.

No Oberlo Chrome Extension installed

To import products from the website, you need to use the Google Chrome browser and install the Oberlo Chrome Extension. If you already have the Oberlo Chrome Extension, but it does not work properly, then try to reinstall it. To learn more, refer to the Using the Oberlo Chrome Extension (OCE) article.

Product is already imported

If you try to add a product to the Import List, and you receive The product has already been imported notification, then it means that this product is already in your Import List. You cannot add products that are already on your Import List. In such a case, you need to go to your Import List and find the product you wanted to import.

Product is from another platform

If you try to import a product from another platform that is not supported by Oberlo (e.g. Alibaba), then you will receive You can only add products from AliExpress. Please enter a valid AliExpress product URL or ID notification. You can only add AliExpress products from the website to your store.

Product is blocked

When trying to import a product, you receive the following notification: Unfortunately, this product does not comply with Oberlo’s Terms of Service. Please find another product to sell. This means that this product violates Oberlo’s Terms of Service (TOS) and is no longer available for import. In these cases, you have to look for an alternative product to import and sell.

If you have imported a product into your store and it is then found to violate Oberlo’s TOS, then you receive notifications and indications in Oberlo to inform you that the product is blocked.

Reached the product limit

If you try to add a product to the Import List, and you receive You have reached your Products limit (500 products). Please upgrade your plan to proceed notification, then it means that you have reached the product limit. The Explorer plan allows you to have a maximum of 500 products in your Import List and Products page combined. If you want to be able to add more products, then you have to upgrade your Oberlo plan.

Global issue in Oberlo

It’s possible that you are unable to import a product due to a technical issue in Oberlo. You can always check the Oberlo Status Page to see if there are any global issues that currently affect the Oberlo systems.

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