You can't easily transfer your products from one Oberlo account to another. However, you can make use of the AliExpress Wish List page. You can add your products from one account to the AliExpress product wishlist. Then import your products from the wishlist to another account. Your created product titles and descriptions aren't transferred.

You need to have an AliExpress account and the Oberlo Chrome Extension installed in your browser.


1. Log into your AliExpress account.

2. Open your Oberlo account from which you want to transfer products.

3. From your Oberlo admin, go Products.

4. Click a product that you want to transfer, and then click Open Original.

5. Click the heart icon on the AliExpress product page to add the product to your Wish List

Repeat this process for every product you want to transfer.

6. After you add all products to your AliExpress Wish List, then log into your Oberlo account to which you want to transfer your products.
7. From, go to Wish List.
8. Click ADD TO OBERLO next to every product to add them to your new Oberlo account.

Your products appear in your Import List on Oberlo. You can edit your product details and then import them to your new Shopify store.

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