The Oberlo mobile app is now available on your smartphone! 

With this very first version of the Oberlo mobile app, you are able to import products to your Import List on your iPhone only. To use the mobile app, download it on your phone from the iOS App Store here.

Sign Up for the Oberlo Mobile App

If you are a new user,  you may want to create your new Oberlo account first, to access the mobile app. To do so, follow the following: 

1. Open Oberlo mobile app on your iPhone.
2. Click ''Sign Up'' from the welcome slides.
3. Enter your email address and insert a password to set up a new account.
4. Click ''Sign Up''.

Log into the Oberlo Mobile App

If you already have an Oberlo account, you can log into your account following the steps below:

1. Enter your email address.
2. Enter the password associated with your account.
3. Click ''Log In''.

Import products from AliExpress

To add products to your Import List, you first need to activate the Oberlo Import Button. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Open Safari or Chrome browsers on your iPhone.
2.Tap on the ''Share'' button in the bottom navigation.
3. In the top row of icons, tap ''More''.
4. Enable Oberlo within the list.

After the Oberlo Import Button is enabled, you're ready to import products to your Import List following the guidelines: 

1.  Go to
2. Find the product you want to import.
3. Click ''Share'' link.
4. Click Oberlo icon in the list.

After you do this, the product will appear in your Import List. If you want to customize the product and import it to the store, click on the ''Open import list in the browser'' button. 

Other Functionalities

On Oberlo mobile app, you are able to go through Oberlo blog articles to learn everything you need to know to start out. You can find the articles on the ''Learn'' tab. 

On the ''Settings'' tab, you will be able to log out of your Oberlo account, in case you want to switch between the accounts. 

Additionally, the mobile app is expected to be developed and improved with additional functionalities in the future.

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