If you are looking for products to sell and want to check their quality firsthand, then you can order a product by yourself or you can use Product Quality Check Service. This service helps you evaluate the product quality and see if the product description matches the one given by the AliExpress supplier. 

How Product Quality Check Service Works

Oberlo orders your selected product or a product variant to Hong Kong and performs a product quality check. Then, Oberlo sends you the report which contains:

  • Information about the fulfillment performance to Hong Kong.
  • The validation of the size chart. 
  • The unboxing video.
  • A set of pictures showing the product and the delivery package. 

You can check an example of the Quality Check report here

Note: Oberlo keeps the ordered product and provides you only the Quality Check report. 

Purchase Product Quality Check Service

To request Product Quality Check Service for a product, follow the steps below: 

1. Go to the “Search Products” page and select either “Men’s Clothing & Accessories” or “Women’s Clothing & Accessories” product category

2. Once you find the product you are interested in, click “Check product quality”:

3. Review the offered service and click “Pay” to continue to the checkout page.

4. In the checkout page, input the following information:

  • Your email address (that’s where you receive the Quality Check report)
  • Product color and size
  • Your payment card details (you can also pay by PayPal)
  • Your business VAT ID (only applicable for businesses within the European Union)

5. Once you insert the required information, click “Pay”.

6. You receive a service confirmation email and a receipt.

7. After the product quality is checked you get the Quality Check report to your email address. 


The service costs 15 USD + the product price (it’s rounded up to the whole dollar). 

For example: If the product costs $6.33 you will get a checkout link of 22 USD. Additionally, Oberlo selects the cheapest trackable shipping method and covers its costs. 

VAT (value-added tax)

If you do not have a business VAT ID and you are from the European Union, then you are charged VAT. The % of VAT depends on the country where you live. If your business is within the European Union then enter your Business VAT ID during the checkout to exclude the VAT charge.

Payment Methods

You can purchase the service with the following payment methods: Discover, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Maestro, Diner’s Club, PayPal, and some debit cards. 

Delivery Time

Service delivery time depends on the selected product’s shipping time to Hong Kong + 3 business days to do the product quality check itself. 

For example: If the estimated delivery time to Hong Kong is 10-20 days, then the Quality Check report will be sent to you in 20 days + 3 business days at the latest.


At the moment there are some limitations to the service and only the following products have the “Check product quality” button available in the “Search Products” page: 

  • The product has available shipping to Hong Kong
  • The product is from “Men’s Clothing & Accessories” and “Women’s Clothing & Accessories” categories 
  • The product costs less than $70
  • The product is not customizable

Refund Policy

You are eligible for a refund in these cases:

  • Oberlo did not provide the Quality Check report within the promised timeline (3 business days after the product delivery)
  • The service was ordered for an ineligible product. 
  • You were double charged (proof is required) 

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