One of the successful business elements is choosing a reliable supplier offering high quality products. Therefore, it is important to know some of the key specifications trustworthy suppliers have in common. 

This article goes over the main points you need to take into consideration when looking for a reliable supplier. 

Check AliExpress Suppliers' Performance

When you evaluate a business partnership with a supplier, it is recommended to take  a look at the overall supplier rating. The supplier’s rating is a feedback provided by the customers, which can be an important element to evaluate the supplier. The supplier rating consists of these points:  

-Shipping Speed
-Item is as it was described

To find the supplier's rating, navigate to, find the product you want to sell, go to their store, and click on the ''Positive Feedback'' button. 

On the supplier's rating page you can check their performance ratings and read their customer's reviews on their recent purchases. Additionally, here you can see the supplier’s feedback history (last 1, 3 and 6 months), which indicates the supplier’s long-term performance rate. It is recommended to go for a higher than 4.5 rating in each of the key points. 

Check AliExpress Top Brand Store Products

Make sure to check AliExpress top performing stores offering a huge variety of products. The Top Brands badge is granted based on the following criteria: 

-The supplier is a brand owner or a certified reseller.
-Store offers top quality products, great performance, and support service. 

Look for the suppliers that has Top Brand supplier badge. 

Check Suppliers' Warehouse Location 

You may also want to check where your preferred products are stocked in. If you target the USA market, you may want to filter products that are shipped from the USA, which offer faster delivery times to your customers. 

Order Samples

It is recommended to do some sample orders to better evaluate the product you are going to sell, as it gives you a chance to test the quality beforehand, and correspondingly to take some great product pictures and videos for your product listing and for the advertising purposes. 

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