To have a successful business you need to find a reliable supplier. However, there are thousands of suppliers on the AliExpres platform. To narrow down your search for a reliable supplier you can check feedback about the supplier from other users and the overall supplier's performance on the platform. You can also explore AliExpress Top Brand suppliers that are suppliers verified by AliExpress.

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Check AliExpress supplier's feedback and performance

If you're planning to sell a supplier's products, then you might want to check the supplier's performance on AliExpress and their overall rating.


1. Find a product on AliExpress that you want to sell.

2. Navigate to the supplier store's name.

3. Click Visit Store.

4. Click Feedback.

5. Review the supplier performance and feedback.

You can check the following information about the supplier:




Positive Feedback

Indicates the overall positive feedback about the supplier for the past 6 months.

Look for a higher rating than 95%.

AliExpress Seller Since

Indicates since when the supplier is on the AliExpress platform.

Avoid new suppliers and look for more experience suppliers that operate for more than 1 year on the platform.

Items as Described

Indicates the possible quality of the supplier’s product.

Aim for a 4.7 stars rating and above.


Indicates how well and quickly the supplier communicates with their customers.

Aim for a 4.5 stars rating and above.

Shipping Speed

Indicates the supplier’s shipping and processing times.

Aim for a 4.5 stars rating and above.


Indicates the history of recent customer feedback.

Check for recent customer comments to get an overview of the supplier’s products.

The most important rating is Items as Described as it indicates the possible product quality. If you choose a supplier that ships products very quickly, provides great communication, but sells low-quality products, then your customer won’t be happy. This might lead to refunds, chargebacks, and disputes with your payment gateway.

Explore AliExpress Top Brand suppliers

AliExpress Top Brand suppliers are high-performing and verified suppliers by the AliExpress platform. These suppliers also provide great support service and sell top-quality products.

You can identify a Top Brand supplier by the Top Brand badge:

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