Suppliers can change the products that they sell at any time, or run out of inventory for a period of time. When these situations happen, you can override the product to place it with a new supplier, or delete the product from your store.

This article provides some recommendations on what you should do if such situations happen.

Find Alternative Products

Look for the same product from a different supplier and override it. By doing this, you will be able to continue selling this product in your Shopify store, but just purchasing it from another supplier. When you look for another product to replace, do not forget to check its shipping options to make sure the new supplier offers the ones you need.

To find the product replacement quicker, you can use the following tools: 

  1. Google Reverse Image search to find similar images for the product you are selling. When you search for similar images on Google, add the keyword ''AliExpress'' in the search bar. In the ''Pages that include matching images'' section you may find links to similar products on AliExpress. 

2. Aiveera Online Shopping Assistant extension, which helps you find the same product from different suppliers depending on the product cost. After you install the extension, you will see their icon on any product images on the Products page in Oberlo.


To get product offers, click on the extension icon on your product you want to find a replacement, and wait for the system to upload the results. On the results page, click on the preferred product to be redirected to its detail page on AliExpress to import the product to your store, and replace your old product. 

If you did not find product replacements, it is recommended to delete these products from your Shopify store so that your customers will not see and will not be able to purchase them.

Placing Orders Containing Out of Stock Products

Check the Orders page in Oberlo to see if you have orders that contain products that are no longer available. 

If you have overridden these products as mentioned in the first recommendation, then you will be able to successfully place these orders with the new supplier. 

However, if you do not find a product replacement, you should cancel these orders in Shopify and issue refunds to your customers.

Getting Notified About the Changes 

Review your auto update settings in Oberlo to make sure their options meet your needs. You can set the settings to remove the product variant or unpublish the product from your Shopify store. By doing this, your customers will not be able to purchase that product from your Shopify store anymore. 

You can also choose the “Set Quantity To Zero” option to keep the product (variant), but show it as out of stock.

Otherwise, if you are sure that you will find the product replacement and will override it, you can leave the option as “Do nothing” and let your customers buy this product from your store. In this way, you will not lose the opportunity to get sales.

To monitor the products that are no longer available, we recommend marking the checkbox ''Notify Me''. Once you enable the setting, you will start getting notifications on the Notifications page in Oberlo, where you will either be able to override the product or delete it. 

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