Pursuant to GDPR requirements, customers have the right to request any information about them that the e-shop owner may hold and also request to erase this information. If you receive such a request, Oberlo in conjunction with Shopify, has a feature that helps you get all the customer's information that is stored in the Oberlo / Shopify database and request to erase it.

Important note: If you receive an access or portability request, you will first need to verify the identity of the requester (so that you do not inadvertently provide someone else your customer’s private personal information).

Requesting Customer’s Data

To get the GDPR Data request report, you first need to request it in the Shopify admin, and then download it from the Oberlo Settings page. Follow the steps below:

1. From your Shopify admin, click "Customers".

2. Click the name of the customer you want to request a log for.

3. Click "Request customer data".

4. From your Oberlo admin, go to the Oberlo "Settings" page.

5. Navigate to the "GDPR data request reports" tab.

6. From the section "GDPR data request reports" click "Download report" next to the wanted customer email. The report will shortly appear on your device in a CSV format.

Note: Reports are deleted automatically after 30 days.

Requesting to Erase Customer’s Data

In order to initiate the customer’s personal data redaction request, you have to go to your Shopify admin:

1. From your Shopify admin, click "Customers".

2. Click the name of the customer you want to erase the personal data for. 

3. Click “Erase personal data”.

This will erase all of your customer’s personal data related to Oberlo and Shopify. Once it is erased, you will be informed about the customer/s' data redaction. 

Additionally, when you remove Oberlo from your Shopify store, after 30 days Oberlo initiates an automatic process of the customer’s personal data redaction.

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