With the Shopify's Locations feature, you can create multiple locations that hold product inventory. It lets you have even more control over your inventory tracking.

Oberlo Fulfillment Service / Location

Shopify stores, that have Oberlo installed, automatically have the Oberlo Fulfillment Service created.

You do not need to set up anything specifically. If you have Oberlo installed, Oberlo Location will automatically appear on your Shopify Locations settings page.

Oberlo Location is removed if you uninstall Oberlo from your Shopify store. If you later on reinstall Oberlo, Oberlo Location will appear again.

Managing Product Inventory

With Oberlo Fulfillment Service / Location, you will be able to see, which products you sell with Oberlo, which are your personal ones or other apps. You can see the product inventory management on each product page in the Shopify admin. 

We recommend that you set the "Oberlo" option for your existing Oberlo products, that you have in the Shopify store. Oberlo will set the inventory management to "Oberlo" for all your newly imported products with Oberlo.

This is how you can change the Fulfillment Service on each product page:

This is how you can change the Fulfillment Service for products in bulk:

Note: Do not duplicate products, create additional variants manually and import products via CSV in Shopify, because Oberlo will lose the sync with the products and you will no longer be able to fulfill orders with Oberlo.

Managing Orders

With Oberlo Fulfillment Service / Location, you will see how you should fulfill your orders. If you receive an order that contains products imported with Oberlo and your personal products, you will see, that fulfillments are separated on the Orders page in the Shopify admin.

Next to the product that is imported with Oberlo, you will see the "Oberlo" Fulfillment Service. This indicates, that you will need to go to the Oberlo platform and purchase products from the supplier. Click on the "Fulfill in Oberlo" button to be directed to the Oberlo dashboard.

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