You can set the Dashboard reporting settings by clicking the gear icon. You can choose if you want to see "Total Sales" reports or "Oberlo Item Sales" reports, according to your needs.

  • Total Sales - Includes earnings from all Shopify orders, discounts, taxes, and shipping. Note: it also includes revenues from products that weren't connected with Oberlo.
  • Oberlo Item Sales - Only includes earnings from items imported via Oberlo and excludes discounts, taxes, and shipping.

The Total Earning Report Includes

  • Sales (USD 422.69) - Total Sales or Oberlo Item Sales, which were explained above.
  • Costs (USD 158.06) - The cost of the product on the supplier's page x amount of sales (shipping costs are not included)
  • Earnings (USD 264.63) - Sales - Costs

Below the main metrics, you will find the Top 5 selling items in your store during the selected time period.

Restoring Dashboard Metrics

All dashboard data is restored to zeros after the currency is being changed in Shopify admin.

Orders That Do Not Show Up

The following order status on Shopify will not appear in Oberlo metrics:

  • "Pending"
  • "Authorized"
  • "Refunded"
  • "Partially Refunded"
  • Cancelled in Shopify
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