The Oberlo Chrome Extension (OCE) has some settings that let you better sort products on the website. If you have not yet installed the OCE, check out this article for more details.

Accessing Settings

To access the OCE settings, you need to go to any product category page or type in the product name in the search tool. 

On the newly opened page, click on the Oberlo icon in the top-right corner of the screen and the OCE settings panel will open.

Explaining Each Setting

Show Shipping Info – this setting enables / disables all settings that are below.

Option – choose the preferred shipping method. For example, if you are selling to the USA market, the fast and cheap (free) ePacket shipping method is the most popular.

Country – specify the country you are going to ship products. This is useful when you want to check if a certain shipping method is available in your desired country.

Currency – available in EUR, GBP, and USD. This option allows you to see the shipping fee in the desired currency.

Hide items without this option – Oberlo hides products from the AliExpress page that do not have the chosen shipping option available.

Show Processing Time – shows the estimated shipping time depending on the selected shipping method for every product.

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