The “Couldn’t find order with matching customer details in Oberlo” error notification means that Oberlo cannot match any order information from the AliExpress platform to Oberlo, and this causes your order to lose sync.

The error happens when you change some aspect of the customer shipping information or ordered product information during the ordering process. In this example, the shipping address is different in Oberlo and AliExpress, therefore, Oberlo cannot sync this order anymore. The shipping address was changed manually on AliExpress because the customer changed her mind and asked to ship the product to a different address.

To re-sync your order, you will have to manually copy and paste the Ali Order No. from AliExpress to your Oberlo order. Just go to AliExpress, copy the Ali Order ID just below the "Matching order not found" notification.

Then, go to Oberlo > Orders page, find the needed order, click on "More actions", then click "Add AliExpress order number" button and paste the Ali Order No. The status of the order will change from the yellow "To order" status to blue "In Processing".

Then, you will be able to use the "Get tracking code" button in Oberlo or "Sync with Oberlo", "Sync this page" or "Sync last 30 days" buttons on AliExpress as long as the supplier ships the order and the tracking information is available.

If you need to change a customer's shipping address, we highly recommend doing this in the Shopify admin before placing the order. Click here for further explanation. 

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