The Product Is Out of Stock

If you get this error notification on the AliExpress product page, this usually means that the item is no longer available on the supplier's store. To be sure, just check if there is such message below the product price.

If this is a case, you should look for another supplier, who sells the same item and order it from them. If you want to replace your current supplier, you need to use the "Override" feature. Oberlo will replace your current product and its variants with a link to the new supplier. Once complete, try to process your order again.

If you don't find another supplier, you will have to cancel your order and issue a refund to your customer.

Also, make sure your product inventory is updated automatically. Check out this article for further explanation.

Technical Issue on the AliExpress

If you get this error notification on the AliExpress website after you click on the "Order Products" button and log into your AliExpress account, this usually means that there is a technical issue on the AliExpress side.

To solve this, log into your AliExpress account at first, and then go to Oberlo > Orders page and try to place the order once again.

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