You can set up automated shipping confirmation notifications to your customers. When you fulfill an order (order receives a tracking number), then a shipping confirmation email or an SMS with the tracking number is automatically sent to your customer.

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Set up automated email notifications

To send automated shipping confirmation emails to your customers, follow these steps: 

1. In Oberlo, go to Settings > General.
2. In the Notify customers about shipped orders section, tick Notify my customers.
3. In the empty field, add the package tracking website URL ( 

This setting allows your customers to click on the tracking number in the email notification and automatically direct them to the tracking website (e.g. 17track) to check their shipment status. You can add any other tracking URL that you want, however, 17track is the most commonly used by dropshipping businesses.

4. Next, click the hyperlink on the Shopify admin.
5. Replace the default code in the Email body (HTML) field with the new code from the following attachment. The default Shopify’s shipping confirmation template does not have the tracking URL, that’s why it should be replaced. 

6. Click Save

From now on, when your order is fulfilled with Oberlo, your customers will receive a shipping confirmation email with a clickable tracking number.

If you want to resend the shipping confirmation email to your customer, then you can do that from the Shopify Orders page by clicking the Resend email button.

Translate automated email notifications

If your online store operates in another language, then you can translate the areas of the custom code to your preferred language. Check the following attachment that shows specifically which areas to translate in the code.

Set up automated SMS notifications

If you want you can allow customers to check out by using either their phone number or email address. For more information, refer to the Enable the option to enter a phone number at checkout article. 

If a customer inputs their phone number at the checkout, then they receive the automated notifications via SMS instead of email. However, it’s not possible to hyperlink the tracking number, you can only add a plain tracking number to the SMS.

To set up the automated SMS notifications follow these steps: 

1. From the Shopify admin, go to Settings and then Notifications.
2. Click Shipping confirmation and then select SMS.
3. Replace the default code in the Content field with the new code from the following attachment. 

4. Click Save

Test automated notifications

If you want to make sure your automated shipping confirmation notifications work and look as intended, then you need to trigger them by yourself. 

  • To test the automated email notifications you need to create a draft order for yourself. To learn more, refer to the Creating a draft order article. 
  • To test the automated SMS notification you need to send a test SMS to yourself. To learn more, refer to the Send a test SMS article. 

Send emails to customers manually

The automated shipping confirmation emails are only sent for your new orders. If you have any fulfilled orders prior to setting up the automated notifications, then you can inform your customers manually.  

1. In the Shopify admin, go to the Orders page.
2. Select a specific order.
3. In the Customer section, click on the customer's name.
4. In the Customer overview section, click on the customer's email address.
5. Create a message to your customer.
6. If you want to send a copy of the email to yourself, then add a tick below Send bcc to.
7. Click Review Email to review your email.
8. Click Send notification

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