Once the order is shipped by the supplier and fulfilled in Oberlo, the shipping confirmation email with a tracking code can be automatically sent to the customers.

Three Steps to Follow

To send emails automatically, go to Oberlo > Settings > Store Settings and follow these steps.

1. Enable the "Notify my customers" setting.
2. Add the package tracking website URL. It is common to use http://www.17track.net/?nums= however other tracking URLs work as well. By doing this, your customers will be able to click on the tracking code in the notification email, and will automatically be directed to the specific website to see the status of their shipment. 

If you leave this setting empty, your customers will need to manually copy the tracking in the notification email, go to any package tracking website and paste the tracking code to see the shipment status.

3. Change the Shopify's email notification template as the default version does not have the tracking URL added. Go to Settings > Notifications > Shipping Confirmation template, remove all code and replace it with the one that is attached below.

You can find the shipping confirmation template code HERE.

That's it! From now on, when your order is fulfilled with Oberlo, your customers will receive a notification letter, that their order has been shipped and the tracking information.

You can resend the shipping confirmation email from the Orders page by clicking the “Resend email” button.

SMS Shipping Confirmations

Some customers prefer to get their order updates through SMS messages. Even though the tracking number would not be hyperlinked, you can add the tracking code to the SMS messages.
You can find the SMS shipping confirmation template code

Sending Emails to Customers Manually

However, as for the orders you fulfilled before, you then have to send messages about the orders shipped to your customers manually. 

1. In the Shopify admin, go to the Orders page.
2. Click on a specific order.
3. In the Customer section, click on your customer's name.
4. In the Customer overview section, click on the customer's email address.
5. Craft a message to your customer.
6. Click Review Email to review your email.
7. Click Send notification

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